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Thread: It's Time! 2011 Pick 'Em Challenge Rules

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    Default It's Time! 2011 Pick 'Em Challenge Rules

    Welcome to the 2011 Pick 'Em Challenge board! Here's a rundown of the ground rules...

    - Each week we'll select 20 games for you to pick. Generally, they will be the most competitive-looking games of that week...there won't be many "gimmees."

    - You can join at any time, but you can't compete for the title unless you pick every week!

    - The admins will compete, but are not eligible for the title.

    - A link to the picks will be posted here in this forum by Tuesday of each week.

    - Each week we'll post a new thread on this board with link to a page within the site where you can submit your picks.

    - You have until 7pm each Thursday to submit your entries. Late entries generally won't be accepted, but we will make exceptions if you give us a head's up. The games that have already occurred will count as losses.

    - Standings will be updated and posted each week.

    - The winner will be determined by the person who makes the most correct picks through the end of the regular season (Week 10).

    - In the case of a tie at the end of the regular season, however many folks are tied at the top will pick all 64 first round playoff games...the person who gets the most correct will be named the winner. If there is still a tie at the top, you'll just keep picking subsequent playoff rounds until someone comes out on top.

    - The winner will receive honorary induction into the Hall of Fame and will receive the tag of 2011 Pick 'Em Champion below their username that will show up every time he or she posts. This is a title that commands instant respect from your peers and administrators.

    A Tribute to the Past Pick 'Em Champions:

    2010 Champion: Tut
    2009 Champion: baylordad
    2008 Champion: chop44
    2007 Champion: Fleeman93
    2006 Champion: pack0808
    2005 Champion: grayowl60
    2004 Champion: catman
    2003 Champion: BehindEnemyLines

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    Default Re: It's Time! 2011 Pick 'Em Challenge Rules

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    Default Re: It's Time! 2011 Pick 'Em Challenge Rules

    'bout time.

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