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Thread: Forum Rules and Guidelines: Please Read

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    Default Forum Rules and Guidelines: Please Read

    - No profanity is tolerated. The blocker will get most of it; however, it shouldn't be attempted in the first place. Symbols are not a fit substitute for bypassing the filters.

    - No personal attacks against other posters are acceptable (that includes attacks on players and coaches). This includes getting personal and bringing another poster's family into a discussion in any way, shape, or form that is deemed negative. If you see that happening, please notify one of the moderators (KT2000, ktchamp97, jc84chill) and we'll take care of it. We can't stress that enough.

    The situation worsens when/if the admins don't see it and/or posters don't bring it to our attention. This is a large board, so the admins won't see every single post. You can contact us by using the "report post" feature, sending a Private Message, or e-mailing us. These are automatic bans.

    - Keep health/injury discussion off the board. Please keep that kind of discussion in Private Messaging. That's in-house information that shouldn't be aired on a public board for all to see.

    "Insider" critiques of individual (players, coaches) and team performance should also be kept off the board. In today's age, we are so well-connected that we have access to realtime information from multiple sources. However, not everything should be posted on a public board. Much of this boils down to common sense.

    - Refrain from posting rumors about players, coaches, schools, etc.. Questions regarding rumors are best kept to Private Messaging.

    - Keep the discussion civil and on topic. We've created a variety of boards to help keep things on topic. Check the board before posting new threads to see if another has already been started.

    - Also, when referring to an external article please LINK to the source and do not paste it in the body of the post. Respect should be demonstrated for other media sources.

    However, we do not condone fly-by posts serving as advertisements for external sources without our consent.

    - Pictures posted greater than 400 pix wide and 400 pix in height will either be deleted (if inappropriate) or changed to a URL link. Please link to photos outside the dimensions of what is listed above.

    - Premium Content: Do not post (copy/paste) premium content from any other site on this forum. You're undercutting their business by doing so.

    - Advertising: Do not post any links to products on this forum that may be deemed as blantant advertising. Shoot us an email first if you have a link that could be in question. This includes links to another website's premium content.

    Finally, the general rule of the board is to keep the discussion civil and just use good old-fashioned common sense. Ask yourself before posting... "Am I adding something positive to the main board?"... if the answer is no, don't hit send.

    If that happens, then there won't be any big issues. Have fun with the discussion. An array of posters from across Texas, the US, and overseas make this one of the best forums on the Net and we want to keep it that way. The members make the experience.

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    Default No injury posts!

    Do not post about injuries unless you can link to a source that's published the information.

    Don't even hint at the information off hand.

    Any offenders will be banned. No questions asked. Keep "in-house" information off the board.


    5A Texas Team

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    Default Re: Forum Rules and Guidelines: No Injury Related Posts!

    Reminder to the 5ATXFB Community,

    When linking to an article on the boards, please make sure you give the proper credit to the original author and link back to the source of the article.

    Do not re-print the full article in the body of a post, especially without linking it back to the source. Please include the title of the article, author, an exerpt, and link to the source of the full article.


    Will Cowboys Stadium be the site for UIL football state title games in 2010?
    By Matt Wixon,

    For the University Interscholastic League's first showcase of football championships this fall, it's fitting that the venue be one of the world's most spectacular stadiums. But until the UIL makes an announcement, we won't know if the parade of state title games will march through Cowboys Stadium...
    Read More: Will Cowboys Stadium be the site for UIL football state title games in 2010?


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