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06-24-2012, 10:18 AM
I found out about this from my Father, he has submitted quiet a bit of game film and coaching clinic speakers to be posted here. I will share the files with you and let you know when they will go up. There are some great talks from the likes of Gordon Wood, Morris Southall, John Crawford, Art Briles (the year before his first Stephenville State Championship), Bob Ledbetter, and many others.

Of course, there are many topics to browse at the site www.texasarchive.org

Here is a link to the football files already up


Here are the files that Dad has given them to post. I am really looking forward to a lot of these. Again! I will post here when I find out when they go up. I suggest that if you know of retired coaches with these treasures, that they share them at this site.

Reference # name of file
2012-00416 Glen Rose football 84-85
2012-00422.2 Clinic lecture
00423.1 Scotty Phillips
00423.2 Gordon Woods
00424 GRHS football 10/16/92
00420 GRHS football 85-87
00425.1 Bob Ledbetter
00425.2 Jack Waggoner
00422.1 Robert Dagley
00426.1 Morris Southall
00426.2 Morris Southall
00427.1 Art Briles
00427.2 John Crawford
00428.1 GRHS football 11/16/90
00428.2 GRHS football 11/23/90
00429 Lampasas 1990
00430 Forney 1991

06-25-2012, 07:35 AM
Thanks for the link. I'm absolutely loving some of these old offenses. Slot T, single wing, A, T, all of it. Awesome awesome awesome. Thank you.