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12-21-2011, 04:00 PM

High drama abounds

Readers Digest Version:

First year Super Fred Hayes reassigns highly popular NISD AD and head soccer coach Farshid Niromaund for his "overall management". Farshid has been Nac soccer coach for 32 years and AD for 2 years.

Farshid opted to resign effectively immediately and two weeks before soccer starts.

The back story is two HS kids came to a school event drunk, one of which was a prominent booster's kid. The highly prominent parents felt the one year ban from sports was too much.

Mr. Hayes and School Board President Matt Rocco publicly said Farshid's policy (approved unanimously by the board two years ago) of -- if you get caught drinking or with drugs you are out of sports for a full calendar year -- was too stringent for kids.


As seen in the article, 800 folks showed up at the school board meeting (as opposed to 2 or 3) to support the coach the day before he was set to resign. Mr. Hayes mysteriously has a change of heart and asks Farshid to reconsider the day before, he will have both jobs back, and his policy will remain intact.

Farshid accepts the offer and remains on through his contract.

Conversely - board president Matt Rocco is ousted in a closed-door session.

Back story: Rocco was behind the whole re-assigning thing. It got so bad Rocco would not speak to other board members directly - they had to Skype him and his attorney at the same time.

Final drama - 2nd year football coach Scott Ford resigned yesterday and took the Hidalgo job.

Back story: Too much drama in Nac.

Not sure what Ford could have done at Nac, but he was a good young coach who left to return to the Valley.

12-21-2011, 05:03 PM
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