View Full Version : Tim Donaghy's Book - Tin Foil Hatter wearers unite

12-07-2009, 02:23 PM
Shamed-NBA ref Tim Donaghy is talking - alot - now that his book is out.

In summary he says - the Mob turned him in because he was winning "too much", but he wanted to stop because it was "wrong", and the Mob wouldn't let him without reprocussions. Lots of gray area expounded as to why the mob would have an interest in doing this.

Donaghy says he won too much because of info. coming out of the NBA office in regards to "data" from team execs including Cuban. The "data" was proof that 1) Kobe was not getting enough fouls 2) Yao was setting illegal picks 3) etc.

Donaghy then alleges that the other "biased refs" reacted to the "data pressure" and sent Kobe to the line all night long, helped Dallas beat Houston in the PO's, etc.

My take is that Donaghy is a deviant liar, and, while I agree that the NBA in general, and refs specifically, pretty much is a joke in terms of overall trends and consistency, there is no hidden agenda from the league office to get Kobe to the line more, make an example out of AI, etc., keep Jerry Buss and others happy, and various other things he asserts.

12-07-2009, 04:30 PM
loony was first in line at the local barnes and noble.