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09-13-2009, 12:03 PM
I'm sure I will be the only one posting on here, as Lee doesn't have a lot of supporters at the moment. Just wait til they get things turned around and all of the fans will be coming out of the woodwork then.

Marvin Sedberry Jr is the new coach.
He's only 30, but he comes from good bloodlines and has a history of turning around teams with low numbers.

The Ganders are 1-1 on the season with an impressive win over LaPorte and a lackluster lost to Clear Creek.

The Bulldogs were without Kendrick Perkins when Lee played them, which helped a lot, but the Ganders played pretty well too.
The Wildcats turned a couple of 75 yard pass plays into 10 points and scored 7 more after an interception deep in Lee's territory. Other than that, Lee's defense played a pretty solid game. Lee's offense turned it over 5 times. Two of those turnovers were on fumbles deep inside CC's territory in the second half. The two interceptions and a fumbled punt return all came in the first half and stopped anything that Lee might have had going.

Malcolm Ruben - JR QB - This kid is pretty good. He needs to make better decisions both in the passing game and deciding when to keep on the zone read play. He's about 6'2" 175 probably. Not a lot of speed, but he can make a play or two with his feet occasionally. Has a nice arm.

Dandrick Jackson - SR RB - Jackson is a track star running the hurdles. He is a naturally gifted running back too though undersized. He is a borderline D1 recruit. He plays safety some too and has an interception already this year.

Jaevon Richardson - SO WR - Richardson is the most talented player on the team. He is probably 6' 165 or so. He's fast, and he can jump out of the gym as they say. Clear Creek double teamed him right from the beginning of the game after seein him dismantle LaPorte the previous week. The Wildcats had two guys lined up on top of him right at the line of scrimmage all night. Richardson still had an interception, a forced fumble and a fumble recovery on defense. He will be a top 5 recruit in the state when he's a senior if he doesn't decide to play basketball, where he was on varsity last year as a freshman.

The Texans are on, so I will finish up later.

t00 playa
09-13-2009, 10:32 PM
What are lee's chances of a playoff spot... can they beat sterling?:eek:

09-13-2009, 10:58 PM
Well Lee beat LaPorte and Sterling tied LaPorte in a rain shortened game, so yeah I think we can beat Sterling.

It all depends on how we do as far as injuries. We have NO depth at all. There are no backup offensive linemen. We had to put a linebacker there on Friday when a guy went down injured. There are no back up receivers that can do much, which also hurt Friday as our #2 receiver was out with injury.

I think we can hang with most teams on our schedule, depending on how well they can manage all the guys that are going both ways.

09-13-2009, 11:06 PM
Xavier Ruben - SR OL - This guy is committed to Baylor. He's about 6'3" 290. He also doubles as a defensive tackle when the need arises.

Tim Smith - SR OL - Smith is committed to Baylor also. He's probably 6'4" 285 or so. He's a pretty good prospect. He also plays some defensive line, though not as much as Ruben.

Terrence Boyd - SO OL - Boyd is about 6'2" 280 probably and is not as athletic as Smith or Ruben, but he's younger and has time to grow into it.
He also plays defensive line 7-10 snaps a game when needed.

Trey Murray - SR DB - Murray is a top notch sprinter on the track team. He goes probably 5'10" 175 or so. He's committed to Kansas State.

Keith Johnson - SO RB - This kid should probably be playing more. He's going to be good. He's a little undersized, but a very natural runner. If he could take some of the running load, it would free up Jackson to play more defense or receiver. Johnson is wasting away on the sideline considering he's one of the guys on the team that can do something with the ball in his hands.

Jarret Havins - SR WR - Havins used to play qb. Ruben took that spot from him, so Havins is now the second best receiver the Ganders have. He was out injured and it showed this past Friday. We don't really have anyone else that can do anything with the ball in his hands other than Jackson and Richardson and Havins.

Josh Zellars - FR QB - This kid is on varsity and he has some nice size and athleticism. He doesn't play much if at all so far. I think at this point he'd make more of a contribution at receiver.

#15 - I wish I knew who this kid was. He's not on the roster. He looks like he could be a freshman too. He has nice size and has an athletic and coordinated look to him during warmups. I don't know anything about him other than he couldn't hurt iif he were in the game.

09-18-2009, 11:33 PM
Coaches are really messing up right now.

They are completely misusing possibly the best receiver in the district by making him play so much defense.
Hopefully they figure this out at some point before district starts.

It's literally like the Cardinals sticking Larry Fitzgerald out there at cornerback and making him play each and every defensive snap as well as all of the special teams snaps, then working him in for 8-10 snaps on offense when it's 3rd and long.

The Ganders do not have enough offensive firepower to be wasting a special talent away at cornerback. A guy like that should be used on defense only on special occasions, when a big stop is needed. They have it all backwards, exhausting him on defense, a job with minimal return on your investment. Then working him in occasionally on offense, where he could provide a much greater return on the investment.

09-26-2009, 08:33 AM
Richardson again rotted away on defense Friday night in the game against Seven Lakes. SL put up over 500 yards of offense, mainly on the ground, so it's not like they needed all the cornerbacks they could get their hands on for defense. Yet they had Richardson out there nearly every single defensive snap in the ballgame, just sucking all of the energy out of him. He got in maybe 7-10 snaps on offense, managing a 64 yard td in there on a ball where he just turned at the line of scrimmage and received a pass from the qb then made 5 or 6 guys miss as he swerved down the field.

I know the new Lee coach is young and must have a plan, but if he can't see the error on so many levels in making Richardson play all that defense.....
It also kills his ability to return kickoffs, as he is too tired after playing defense to go back there, and he is by far our best option on kickoff returns.
There has to be something else at play. I refuse to believe that a 5A head coach can't see it.

I'm just going to pretend in my head they are saving him on offense for district so as not to go crazy.

09-26-2009, 03:32 PM

I notice your team is starting slow but I'm wishing you the best for the rest.....Hope ya make the playoffs.


09-26-2009, 04:21 PM
Thanks Gator
Hope Dickinson does well too.
I can still remember Dickinson and Andre Ware puttin it on Lee back in about 1983 in the first round of the playoffs.
My only memory of Dickinson is a bad one lol

09-26-2009, 05:20 PM

If we both make the playoffs we would be a lock for division two because we are the smallest in the district. Maybe we could meet again if your division two?


10-01-2009, 07:40 PM
hey pana!!! long time no post lol. i see lee having the numbers game hurt them again. all ya'll have to do is win 2!!! beat channelview and sterling.

PAM seems to be back on track. hopefully we will upset da sho. yes the defense is that good now lol. offense is okay. qb play dictates if they get rolling. have two. the back up os said to be better.

good luck. keep us updated.

10-10-2009, 10:59 AM
Lee beat Sterling 35-27 last night.
The Ganders played pretty well last night for the first time since the LaPorte game.
They still made too many mistakes.
They ran up and down the field all night, and Sterling never once stopped them.
They had a couple of fumbles that they were able to get back on, but they lost big yardage and stopped drives. They had three very poorly timed, costly holding penalties that set them up with first or second and 20 which they could not get out of.
We could easily have seen Lee score 50+ points, but it is what it is.
They scored as many as they were supposed to score according to their level of play.

Richardson is now playing pretty much entirely on offense.
He caught one of the three passes that were thrown his way, the only real catchable one, for a 56 yard touchdown pass. He also took a handoff around right end for about 14 yards.
The defense did not seem to miss him much.
Sterling had a ocuple of big plays to get their scores, which Lee is prone to give up.
A 70+ yard run early in the game. A 90+ yard kickoff return and a 50+ yard run. All came in the first half.
In the second half, Lee started using more of their big guys up front both ways, and Sterling really never got anything going until the final drive in their hurry up offense with 2 minutes to go in the game. This td drive got them to within 8, but the onside kick went out of bounds.

Overall, Lee looked slightly above average.
We do have to remember that this was Sterling they were playing.
Lee only had one turnover, and that made all of the difference in the world.
The Ganders had six I believe last week against Taylor, and you're not going to beat the little sisters of the poor with six turnovers.

I look forward to the matchup against WB next week, although I will be working that night.

10-10-2009, 11:00 AM
wassup patitan
good to see pam with a big win last night

10-15-2009, 02:29 PM
Went to watch Lee freshman for the first time last night.
They look to have some size and speed.
Worked over West Brook 34-8.
Lee's best freshman is on varsity, which makes it all the more promising for us.
I think they may even have 3 freshmen on varsity, I'm not real sure about that.

Lee was running the ball mainly.
QB #1 and RB #8 are both fast and athletic.
The Ganders had about 3 linemen that were really big and could move. they also had two defensive backs that should probably make a push for playing time on varsity next year.

Lee should have an improved team next year, then in two years their offense should be really hitting on all cylinders.

Big Daddy Cool
10-15-2009, 03:15 PM
Is true or just rumor that Lee is dropping down to 4A next year. I know there has been a lof of talk of them dropping down the past couple of years and someone told me this was their last year.

10-15-2009, 11:44 PM
It's gotta be true.
The Ganders just don't have the numbers. The enrollment must be WAY down.
I think they actually have a fighting chance next year and the year after if they go down to 4A.
They have a lot of young talent.
They just don't have near enough guys in the program to play 5A ball.

10-16-2009, 11:03 AM
I wasn't able to make yesterday's game, so I can't comment on it.
Lee just isn't that good this year.
They have to have things fall into place for them to win games.
They can't be fumbling around like they do in most games.
They had five more turnovers last night.
Even playing mistake free ball, they probably would have lost from the sounds of it, but five turnovers is a killer.
I think they have had 4 turnovers or more in 5 of their 7 games so far.
Just not gonna cut it.

They run a spread offense, with a lot of running up the middle.
The quarterback isn't athletic enough to keep the defense honest though.
They only have one receiver that is better than avergae, and although he is really a great receiver, the defenses usually double team him heavily.

So you have two weapons on the offense. One is being double teamed, the other is running up the middle into a stacked line all day.
It's not going to be that successful against good teams.
They need a spark on offense.

It's almost like what they say about having two quarterbacks. If you have two quarterbacks you really don't have any quarterbacks.
If you have guys playing both ways, then you really don;t have them playing either way, because they are going to suffer from not enough practice on one side or the other. They are going to be too tired in the games.
Almost the whole team plays both ways for Lee, and it hurts the offense and the defense both.

Mr. Rod
10-17-2009, 11:17 PM
I was at that game. And yeah, Lee doesn't look too good this year. But to be fair you guys were playing some jackrabbits. ;) WB is a fast team, and a complete team with the exception of a running game. Keep ya head up Lee, young teams = future knowledge and experience and that's what helps most teams in the long run. We look forward to hosting you guys at GPISD Stadium in a couple of weeks.

10-18-2009, 08:46 PM
If Lee can get by Channelview, I'll take a playoff appearance.

That's a big if as of right now though.
The Ganders need to eliminate the 5 turnovers a game stuff and then hope for the best.

Can't wait to move down to 4A and play some teams with the same problems with having to play both ways and lack of numbers.

10-24-2009, 08:21 AM
Lee beat CV 7-6.
Still wasting talent in the wrong spots.
Same song, verse 8.

t00 playa
10-29-2009, 09:52 PM
You going to be at the game tomorrow night panama?:eek:

10-30-2009, 04:11 PM
I am going to be there tonight.
Not at all confident that Lee can even keep this within 30....and that's by the end of the first half.
Still wouldn't pass up a chance to see the maroon and white on a Friday night though.

10-31-2009, 10:24 AM
Lee couldn't keep it within 30 at the the half.

Make no mistake, NS is better than Lee.
If Lee had any coaching at all. the game should have only been 7-0 NS at the half.

My 8 year old nephew coulda seen that fake punt coming after the way Lee lined up in their punt return formation for the first punt. I thought the Mustangs shoulda faked the first one. The Lee coaches were GIVING them a free first down. I just knew that the Ganders would alter the lineup after they had time to thin k it over, but nope lol...

The Lee playbook reminds me of the playbook you had on Tecmo Bowl back in the day, and I don't mean the second Tecmo Bowl, I mean the first one.
Lee has such an easy offense to read. Look up tendencies in the football dictionary and you will see a picture of this year's Lee Gander offense. No imagination at all. They tell the quarterback exactly where to go with the ball before the snap. They run the zone read with a quarterback that runs about a 5.0 40 and has no quickness. It's easy to defense the Ganders.

Yet, midway through the second quarter, Lee had more total yards than NS. NS was up 21-0 though because of boneheaded coaching decisions.

Lee incredibly stopped NS's offense the first four drives of the game. NS didn't move it at all, maybe 2 first downs the first 4 possessions. Don't ask me how. NS isn't the NS of old is one part of it.

Lee's best running back by far is running second string. He's easily the most natural runner on the team. The first string running back was an excellent linebacker last year and the defense could really use him over there. It seems like a no brainer, especially with the lack of numbers on the team. Lee NEEDS to get all athletes on the field in some form or fashion. The second best receiver rarely gets in the game either. He's a sophomore, but who cares. He's actually athletic. He's stuck on the bench behind a bunch of 5.4 40 guys.

It makes me sick to my stomach to watch Lee's absolute inability to judge talent or construct a gameplan above Pop Warner level.

11-12-2009, 10:44 PM
Good Luck !!!!!!!


11-15-2009, 12:25 PM
Season's over for Lee.
Next year will be 4A more than likely, so I'll have to start a new thread on the 4a forum.

Ganders have a lot of talent coming back.
Also losing a lot of talent too though.

They will have 7 starters back on offense from those that started the playoff game.
They will have only 2 starters back on defense, but the defense wasn't all that stout to begin with, so it couldn't get much worse.
The only time they really even came close to stopping anyone was when they put all of their big time offensive line recruits in there on defense to play both ways.

What they have coming back and what classification they will be next year...

Jaevon Richardson, JR WR, best receiver in the Houston area
Malcolm Ruben, SR QB,
Keith Johnson, JR RB, finally started against Memorial and did well
Josh Zellars, SO QB, will probably play either qb or wr
Christian Gutierrez, WR, think he's coming back, played well against Memorial
Dorrian Landry, JR WR, should have played more this year
Lee has three starting offensive linemen returning, with Boyd being the key guy. He will be a junior and has the size to be a good one.

The offense will be much, much better and more explosive next year, assuming everyone is back on the team and doesn't quit to focus on basketball.

Defense has a few guys coming back...
#33, not sure his classification or name, but he was better than the starters by the end of the season at defensive end, I'm certain he will be back.
Nathaniel Scott, JR safety, at least I figure he will play safety, he's also the backup qb and could be the starter there.
Patton, SR LB, he came on strong and made some plays in the playoff game
Josh Brooks, SR cb, started the playoff game

They will have to depend on a lot of sophomores on the defense next year as the jv didn't have a whole lot. Freshman team had 4 real good lineman that will be on varsity, a good linebacker and 3 or 4 wr/db types.
I can only guess that they will have 8 or 9 guys starting on varsity next year as sophomores, with 5 or 6 on defense