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12-20-2005, 10:37 PM
I was sitting at a (1) (2) pot limit game. The buy in was $200. I had about $850 in front of me, as I was doing pretty good. I was in the big blind with pocket 10's. The guy to my left folded. The next guy had pocket Jacks and came in for a raise of $10( you could only raise 5x the big blind which is only $2). The guy next to him had pockets 8's. He called the $10 and reraised the pot $20, that was the first raise. The next guy had (A)(K). He calls the $30 and raises $70. Now it is $100 to go with 1 raise left. The guy to his right folds and the next guy has (A)(Q) suited, but is short stacked with only a hundred in front so he goes all in. The next guy, the button, and the small blind all fold. After looking at everyone left in the hand and sizeing up their stacks. I call the hundred and raise $200. I actually wanted to win the pot right there with out any cards being dealt. Pocket Jacks(with about $300 in front of him) only had $10 invested and quickley folded. Pocket 8's(with about $1300 in front of him) called.(A)(K)with about $800 in front of him called and of course (A)(Q) suited was all in. So their is about a little over $1000 in the pot. The flop comes (10) (8) (7) rainbow. I SQUIRTED. I'm thinking to myself, there is no way anyone could have flop a straight with all the preflop raises. With only 3 guys left in the pot besides me, and 1 being all in; I'm not giving any of them credit for a (9) to draw at me. Being the first to act and only having 2 guys left to get any action out of; I bet $300 into the $1000+ pot, hoping 1 of the guys would think I was weak and come over the top. It didn't happen. Pockets 8's, who also has a set just smoothe calls. (A) (K) folds and (A) (Q) suited is all in. The turn is a four. I only have $250 left and put it all in. Pocket 8's has no choice but to call. We all turn our cards over. (A) (Q) suited is dead and throughs his hand away. Pocket 8's only has 1 out in the deck to beat me. The river was a blank. That was the best hand I ever played.

12-20-2005, 10:42 PM
When I just started learning poker and didn't know anything about hands and what not I folded on a flush that could have gotten me $20.

The craziest thing I ever saw was when several of my friends were playing poker. This one kid, Seth got a royal flush and played it brilliantly getting like $15 (we were playing small bets). Then VERY NEXT HAND (and we shuffled good to) he got another Royal Flush and stole $20. We counted all the cards and checked him to see if he was cheating, it was clean.

12-21-2005, 10:52 AM
i had a full house before..3A 2K..pretty cool..won 9 bucks..that was in 5 card draw though..