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06-01-2005, 04:22 PM
Hey, Valley guys. Chime in with me here. Is it just me, or does it seem like whoever put together the Gridiron Guide was smoking something when they examined 32-5A. Harlingen 4th and out of the playoffs? Brownsville Rivera first, even after losing their long time (22 years I believe) coach Tom Chavez to Donna. San Benny and Los Fresnos ahead of Harlingen? Let me know what you think.

06-01-2005, 06:06 PM
i didnt agree with alot of region 4, no way Harlingen loses to SanBeni this season, Rivera i DOUBT will do anything, they lose alot of real talent, for Rivera, the loss of Tiger Padilla to Hanna is gonna be huge, 6'6 WR Edgar Garcia is gonna be tough to replace and their little RB #9 is gone too... i dont see them winning many games next season, much less winning the district...

SanBeni should be good again, but the lose their 2,000yrd rushing QB Randy Reza, i do believe San Beni will make the playoffs, but Harlingen will be TOO STRONG....

LosFresnos is gonna be 2nd or 3rd ahead of Rivera as well, they have too much offense comming back and alot of kids are back from that D.......LosFresnos should be back to avg 50pts a game in NO TIME....

32-5A should look like this:
1. Harlingen
2. LosFresnos
3. SanBenito

31-5A is off in my opinion as well, i do think Edinburg will win the district, but i have a hard time believing that Economedes will win many games without Derrick Garcia or Ryan Richardson at the RB positions......Econ will be 3-7 or 4-6 AT BEST.....

PSJA high will also probably not make the playoffs, i can see them beating Donna, PSJA North, Edinburg or even Weslaco for that matter....Weslaco will compete with Donna for the 3rd spot, and PSJA N. will take 2nd...

31-5A should look like this:
1. Edinburg (they will lose to Harlingen and will have tough games against SanBeni and Calallen)
2. PSJA North
3. Donna or Weslaco

as far as 30 5A i cant really argue because the district should be a toss up between Sharyland, LaJoya and NikkiRowe.....i think Sharyland has alot comming back and could possibly take the district crown, but LJ is always loaded, Rowe loses alot but are usually good.....

heres how i see 30-5A:
1. LaJoya or Sharyland
3. Rowe

06-01-2005, 06:11 PM
oh.....heres another tidbit of info for everyone who is calling Laredo part of the Rio Grande Valley........ITS NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Laredo is also part of SouthTexas just like the RGV and even DelRio and Corpus Christi..but we dont call DelRio or CorpusChristi the Valley do we???? because they're not part of it......the RGV lies from Roma to Port Isabel as far north as Edinburg to as down south as Hidalgo....but Laredo is NOT the RGV....

06-02-2005, 09:22 PM
Apoplogize for the 32-5A info. We got some bad player info for Rivera especially. I have a few guys labeled as juniors last season that were, in fact, seniors (like Cisneros). Edited the info (beauty of an online mag) and predictions.

Also apologies for The Valley reference on Laredo...I've always considered any of the South Texas border towns as being in the "The Valley."

06-03-2005, 10:23 AM
La Joya


San Bene
Los Fresnos