View Full Version : installing the pistol with variations

08-07-2008, 09:34 PM
im talking with my old coach about possibly running a pistol offense as ur main offense but depending on what the defense does u can load up with a formation i have been tinkering with in my head about running like a wishbone but instead of a normal triangle have an upside down one and have the full back in the postion of the normal tail back and have the running backs to the side about 1 1/2 yards apart and being able depending on if u go to the weak or strong side have the back side back as a blocker and u can run a triple option with it or split the recivers out wide and spead the D a little to have more running room on the outside of the tackle so the safties wont creep up.I have been mostly thinking about this with a 4-3 in mind but i dont think it could work to well if they run a base D of a 4-2-5 or a 3-3-5 stack becuase of the 2 strong safties that r closer to the line and hence cant hit the out side more effectivly because the end would take the QB and the SS could take the back i have been wondering about it for a while and was wondering what other ppl think