View Full Version : Trinity Love????

05-01-2005, 03:35 PM
When are we going to get some euless trinity love on the first page?

05-01-2005, 06:23 PM
why would yall.....there wouldnt be enough rooom on the page for yall's big people lol jk.....good luck to yall this season.

05-01-2005, 09:16 PM
i think dimitri nance would fit the front page just fine.

05-02-2005, 08:45 AM
When are we going to get some euless trinity love on the first page?

I'm sure there are people from every other 5A school who thinks they have a player or players that would "fit" nicely on the front page. :rolleyes:

05-02-2005, 12:15 PM
Nance would be very deserving considering he nearly rushed for 2,000 yards last fall while sharing time with two other backs. Pretty darned impressive in my book.

The problem is actually finding photos for a lot of deserving players around the state. Some people/newspapers do a better job than others in that area. Normally, we get most photos sent to us by parents or independent photographers from a certain area.

Feel free to e-mail photos to my e-mail listed below and I'll take a look as long as it's not telling me I've won a lifetime supply of certain medications.

05-02-2005, 01:26 PM
If Nance gets to be on the front page, Coppell's Emanual Moody deserves to be on it, hes much better then Nance, saying he didnt have 5 300lbs linemen to block for him. I mean Coppell didnt have a guy over 260 all season long