View Full Version : Dada without the board

04-24-2007, 11:45 AM
A classic post from Dada4w after the board crashed in December, 2006:

I nominate KT2000 for the "Man of My Word" award. In a side bet with Cy-Falls mom.....he made a bet that if for SOME reason crappy a@@(Those were his exact words)Cy-Falls beat Katy he would take a sledge hammer to his server and kill the message board until the state title game. There were rumors circulating on the Katy board that he came home drunk(which is normal) and spilled beer into the server. That was more beleiveable, but not true. You're a real man of your word KT.......I applaud you. I on the other hand.....I was lost without the board.....I went to Bed,Bath and Beyond....and ENJOYED it.....I held my wife's purse while she went to the ladies room. I sat down and watched her try on 200 pairs of shoes and gave my honest opinion on each one...I watched a movie on Lifetime and cried a little bit when the woman said "Tom! I will not stand for this anymore"...I screamed out "You GO Girl!" at the movie theater while watching "Dreamgirls". I need this board. I hate to think what would happen to me if it was gone forever....hell, I think even I would have failed a gender test while the site was down......I went to the bathroom every 5 minutes to make sure my two buddies where still hanging around.....oh yeah....Merry Christmas